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In modern farming observed transition from the classical to the simplified method, ie. Tillage. The reason for these changes are natural and economic considerations. The transition to a simplified technique requires the farmer’s crops conduct a reasonable and measurable benefits that facilitates the production equipment AGRO-LINE. Our production machine provides excellent quality of soil preparation for sowing in rows 18cm for grain, oilseed and 45cm to 75cm beet and maize and sunflower. Compact and rigid construction after tripping, the integrated hydraulic, combine any seed drill for sowing crops mentioned above and if you need it thanks to the quick removal of modules allows you to set any spacing growing belt.

The limited number of field runs reduces the cultivation costs, the number of furrows and soil pressing. In wet years strip-till enables farmers to take advantage of even short periods of good weather as the tillage and sowing are conducted during one run. Strip-till makes it possible to sow winter wheat directly after late crops of beetroot and corn for seeds, which reduces any delay compared with the optimal sowing deadline.

Corn is a thermophilic plant that requires high temperatures for its sprouting and germination. Strip-till heats up the soil in a row of plants without moving the whole soil surface. Fertilisers placed deeply in the tilled strip are better available and used, especially in periods of water scarcity. The soil has a better load, even in high rainfall periods, which makes it easier to enter the field and conduct any activities in a timely manner, which is particularly important in the period of sowing and harvesting.

Sugar beetroot
In the strip-till system, the sowing conditions are much better compared with mulching systems, as seeds are sown in a well-cultivated soil, free of any plant residues, thanks to which it is much easier to achieve an equal arrangement of the plants. Bedding that occurs between the rows reduces soil crust and mitigates the risk of seed passage and after germination it protects the seedlings against being “cut out” by the wind. Roots develop deep inside the cultivated soil, thanks to which they are well-formed and use water stocked in deep soil layers. While harvesting, they do not excessively protrude beyond the surface, which facilitates topping, and while ploughing they are easily harvested, which reduces losses caused by root breaking.

Intercrops are cultivated to improve soil properties, which is particularly important in no-till technologies. Stubble intercrops are sown during summer when field works accumulate and severe weather conditions occur. The possibility of cultivating and sowing during one run by using the strip-till method makes it easier to sow earlier and gain large amounts of biomass. Deep soil cultivation fosters deep rooting, which makes it possible to use nutrients moved into deeper soil layers, in particular mineral nitrogen, and to provide them to other plants. Channels that are the remains of the dead roots of the intercrop facilitate the sequent plants to root deeply.


In our cultivator we apply equipment manufactured by APV, an Austria-seated company. Its seeders are well known and proven in the Polish market.
The construction of the Agro STRIP TILL liner with the model PS 800 M1 makes it possible to till soil in strips for seeding and to fertilise it at the same time. The APV machine may also be used to directly sow grass, rape, all small seeds such as rye for green mass, and wheat.

Strip-till-based rape cultivation facilitates meeting the optimal sowing deadline, in particular following delayed harvests, as the soil tillage, fertilisation and sowing are conducted during one run. It is possible to harvest the pre-crop and to sow rape on the same day. Plant residues that remain on the soil surface reduce evaporation of water and prevent drying caused by mechanical cultivations, which improves the conditions of plant germination. Roots develop deeply in the tilled strip, hence they are less vulnerable to spring droughts.

Price for 3m version, 9 modules (black/orange colour)

Different versions available: 3-6 meters

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